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About Crinvestal

A high-yield interest cryptocurrency investment first with over 5 years experience with digital asset trading. We securely help crypptocurrency investors trade and manage risks for a high returns.


We have multiple digital portfolios assets that help us manage risks for investors while sustaining our profit margins from trades.


We are properly documented and registered company in the UK with the skills in financial market and digital economy.

We are Professional

We are professionals with over 8 years of combined trading experience and 5 hours of stable profit margins. Be sure to get the best return on your investments.

Focused Investments

Your investments monthly returns are automatically paid into your account with instant withdrawals.

We were always
thinking global Community

The distribution of wealth is the greatest way to give back to the community and we are at the fore front of tackling this idea as well as bringing it to fruition.

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Invest your money rather than leaving it idle in a wallet where you eventually spend it on frivulous things that do not generate more income for you. Be at the center of this global decentralization economy. Invest with us today.

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Why choose us

We bring the right people to manifest the work we have done. Therefore, we take our time to ensure everyone gets the best return on their investment.

Stable & Profitable

With over 5 years of profitable trading before making it a business opportunity for others, we're sure the best.

Instant Withdraw

Returns are automatically paid into your account and withdrawals as instantly processed.

Referral Benefits

You earn USD 10.00 commission for every active investor you refer to Crinvestal.

Grab our mega package

Put your investing ideas into action with full range of investments. Enjoy real benefits and rewards on your accrue investing.

Referral: $10 per investor

Silver Plan

Per 30 days

  • USD 25 - USD 5,000
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Gold Plan

Per 30 days

  • USD 5001 - USD 50,000
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Diamond Plan

Per 30 days

  • USD 50,001 - USD 500,000
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Frequesntly asked Questions

Put your investing ideas into action with full range of investments. Enjoy real benefits and rewards on your accrue investing.

We have experienced investment professionals and traders who trade on both Forex and Crypto and have proven to have a good track record with good risk management. In most cases, we make our huge profits mainly from Crypto where we get over 10% monthly to pay back our big investors and still stay profitable as a business. Crypto trading is very profitable and our professionals are making this dream a reality.
Yes, your capital is very safe and that is why we take 3 months to manage all risk for you while returning profits monthly to you. However, interest rates are subject to review depending on the time and season which will be communicated to all our investors ahead of time.
For each of the plans you choose and invest, we pay you 7%, 5% or 3% respectively according to the different plans for 3 months, thereafter, you can choose to withdraw both your Capital or roll over your investment again. This means we will pay your monthly returns after 30 days from the time of investment for a minimum of 3 months and tenure can span for over 10 years. After a minimum of 3 months, you can choose to withdraw all your funds with crinvestal or leave for continued returns.
We have 3 plans for investors: Silver, Gold and Diamond plans paying 7%, 5% and 3% respectively. The minimum amount of investment in $25 for silver plan. You can invest with Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB or EOS.
Yes, you earn a $10 referral commission when you refer people that register and invest with Crinvestal.
Kindly send us an email via support@crinvestal.com or message us via the contact form. You can also have a live chat with us online. We also have a Crinvestal telegram group.

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